Real Talk: Tina Lawson

The executive limousine business Tina Lawson founded in 2001 didn’t take long to evolve.

By 2003, she was expanding into home management services for customers who wanted someone they could trust to look after their homes while they were away.

But a name change took a bit longer.

In 2022, she rebranded her STS (Suburban Transportation Services) as Dallas Home Watch to better reflect the services provided.

“Dallas Home Watch allows clients to have a better quality of life by freeing up their time to do what they want to do,” she said. “We allow them more time to enjoy their life with family, friends, golfing, etc.”

Homeowners designate how frequently Dallas Home Watch ( discreetly checks on their properties. Lawson notifies them about any issues that might arise and works with them to solve any problems.

The company, which specializes in Highland Park, North Dallas, University Park, Preston Hollow, Devonshire, Bluffview, Northwood Hills, Briarwood, and Valley Ranch, recently earned accreditation from the National Home Watch Association for the third year.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be? 

I would prioritize setting clear and achievable expectations with clients upfront. Understanding the unique priorities of each client upon their return home to Dallas, I would strive to identify those essential elements that contribute to their utmost satisfaction and ensure their seamless arrival experience.

What is the best thing about working in this field? 

The sense of peace and gratitude expressed by our contracted clients. We’re deeply moved by the kind and appreciative comments we receive upon delivering their home watch inspection reports or fulfilling their homeowner requests.

How has the home watch 

service industry changed during your tenure? 

As a proud National Home Watch Association member, we undergo annual vetting processes, including thorough background checks, and maintain the necessary bonding and insurance coverage. Our unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards sets us apart within the home watch industry. Moreover, Dallas Home Watch has undergone specialized training to attain the prestigious certification as a Certified Home Watch Professional, ensuring unparalleled expertise and proficiency in our services.

What is your outlook on the Dallas market?

Dallas is experiencing unprecedented growth, with an increasing number of homeowners investing in secondary residences in other climates to enjoy the best of different experiences. As this trend continues to gain momentum, the demand for reputable home watch services that effectively mitigate risks for unoccupied properties is growing exponentially.

What’s a fun fact about 


I’ve completed 34 half-marathons. During part of that time, I also volunteered as a pace leader for the Dallas Running Club and had the privilege of guiding and training numerous runners and walkers, helping them prepare diligently for their half-marathon endeavors. 

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