Hockaday-Launched Fine Arts Nonprofit Goes International

Co-founder Madeleine Chen leads expansion as V4C sends artist to Galapagos

Visions For Confidence (V4C) is an inspirational 501(c)(3) nonprofit started by two Texas teens with a passion for recognizing talented students studying fine arts. 

“It was transformational to be able to find people who were just as passionate as I was,” said CEO Madeleine Chen. The Hockaday School student co-founded the organization. 

Chen and other volunteers have put together weekly lessons for students, arranged performances, and raised money for fine arts equipment and scholarships. 

In 2023, her efforts helped extend outreach internationally as the organization becomes a global nonprofit. 

In December, V4C sent Yung-Fang Ludford, who studied music in Italy and Asia, to the Unidad Educativa Tomás de Berlanga school in the Galapagos, where she trained the campus’ only music teacher for K-12. 

Ludford taught new fine arts techniques and added to the curriculum. 

The organization paid for hotels, flights, and transportation throughout the week. 

In preparation for the trip, the V4C team raised almost $5,000 to rebuild the school’s music room, which had previously been an outdoor shed with damaged lockers; they were also able to purchase new instruments for the students. 

V4C has continued to stay in contact with the school and has plans to sponsor more trips overseas in the future with more talented teachers. 

Through working with the school, V4C was deeply inspired by the teacher’s endless dedication to the students, Chen said. “This was a great opportunity for us to be able to grow our impact globally, but also for the school to access music training from Western, European, and Asian cultures.” 

Chen noted how the V4C board mostly consists of high school students who definitely plan to continue their efforts through college and beyond the United States. 

V4C’s ongoing project is commissioning young Dallas artists to help them create art. 

“We want to help promote their names as artists and help create a name and brand for themselves,” she said. 

The nonprofit has grown to have 150 volunteers with nine chapters around the world. In Dallas, they’ve been able to be a part of putting together two programs involving dance classes for schools such as Nathan Adams Elementary School and TR Hoover Community Center. 

V4C has a scholarship fund that has provided $13,000 in scholarships to eight talented artists, one of whom went on to earn a $100,000 scholarship. 

V4C was recognized by the mayor of Addison, Joe Chow, who announced Jan. 11 as Visions For Confidence Day. 

Chen expressed how amazing it was “to get to speak with more individuals who are involved in government and to help advocate for more art education in Dallas.” 

Over the years, V4C has been highlighted in World Financial Review, Texas News Daily, and Exeleon Magazine

Overall, V4C has raised $40,000 and has support from more than 200 people around the world. 

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