New Dallas ISD Police Chief Brings Heart of Service

Dallas ISD’s new police chief, Albert Martinez, is combining his support for education with passion for serving.

Martinez said education was a priority in his upbringing, as his mother was born and raised in Mexico and didn’t have the education opportunities he had.

Martinez is a 31-year police veteran who most recently served as second in command at the Dallas Police Department.

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Martinez grew up in Pecos, Texas, but arrived to Dallas in fall of 1993. He began his career in law enforcement as a student in the police academy and has stayed here since.

He says his priority for Dallas ISD is to follow the district’s and state’s safety and security mandate for all schools. He wants his leadership to be centered around his team members so they can better understand the value of their contributions to the district as a whole and the police department.

“Like our teachers, our principals, and other employees, everyone’s doing this work from their heart,” Martinez said. “My job here as a leader is to tap into my people’s hearts of service. I want them to grow, not only professionally and personally. I want to foster that type of growth environment.” 

He believes a well-rounded education plays a huge role in a child’s life. He says that when students participate in various opportunities offered at the district, it helps their motivation and keeps them from making decisions with negative consequences. 

He recognizes his third-grade teacher and mother for teaching him the importance of positive role models and mentors. Martinez recalls his teacher telling him how proud she was of his work, which inspired him to study harder so she’d continue to be proud. He was an honors student and loved playing the trumpet. 

“Our teachers, even some of the smallest acts that they do, will have a big impact, but they may not see it for years,” Martinez said. “It may be something they said or something they did. You can see their heart of service — that they care.”

Martinez recognizes that students may be going through difficult times, whether it’s at home or elsewhere. One of his priorities is to make school a place of peace they can come to without having to take on any stress. 

“Some of our students are in survival mode, but there’s relief here, there’s food, there’s care, there’s mentorship,” Martinez said. “Even with the challenges that they may face in school, it can also be where they feel a sense of belonging.” 

He enjoys connecting with parents and guardians outside of school and says how he listens to their concerns and works with them to find solutions. 

“The community really wants to help. You have individuals and organizations, and private corporations who have the means to help and who want  to help,” Martinez said. “We have to be part of that conduit to bring resources.” 

Martinez expresses eagerness to grow relationships with his community, just as his predecessor John Lawton had. 

“Relationships are very critical, and so one of my foremost and biggest tasks is to form and solidify those relationships,” Martinez said.

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