Erin Everywhere is an Engineer-Gone-Entertainer

Her work includes dance, TV, theater, talent management, atmosphere enhancing

Erin Everywhere became the Preston Hollow resident’s legal name in 2016.

The dancer, TV and theater actor, talent manager, and atmosphere enhancer has a knack for entertaining.

“Why not have a fun name?” Everywhere said. “You pick out everything else in your life; might as well pick out your name.”

The name came after running into the same person at festivals in the Bahamas, Miami, and Las Vegas: “I ran up to him, and he was like, ‘You’re Erin Everywhere, like literally, I keep seeing you everywhere.’”

Everywhere’s background is in engineering, but she got into entertainment during the recession when her then husband encouraged her to pursue something she was passionate about.

She also reflected on the advice she received when she was younger: “If you don’t know or you can’t do something, figure out another way to get into the space.” 

She used her dance background to start back up dancing, eventually touring with Riff Raff.

This later propelled her to get into acting for TV and theater. Her live work has included working with the Murder Mystery Company to put on private interactive shows for groups such as corporations or The Real Housewives

“I would say that type of event definitely enhances an atmosphere because somebody dies, then everybody who’s in that space is trying to figure out who died, the who, what, where, when, motive, right?” Everywhere said.

Everywhere says she has “a lot of plates spinning right now” between her performing endeavors.

“I guess it’s just kind of being me and who I am, an atmosphere enhancer, putting myself out there has parlayed into all these other opportunities that now I’m not just so focused on like entertainment staffing,” Everywhere said.

This experience has also translated to Plague Mask Players, where she does marketing and atmosphere-enhancing work.

It’s safe to say she’s everywhere.

She describes atmosphere enhancing in Dallas as “bringing a casual lightheartedness” and attention to events such as grand openings or club events through promotions work.

“I think the biggest part of atmosphere enhancing is you’re just there to make sure everybody’s mingling, and they’re talking to each other, and you’re talking to one person over here, and then you’re connecting them to another person you’re talking to at the party or the event,” Everywhere said.

Her atmosphere-enhancing work has since grown into an LLC where she contracts entertainment staff or atmosphere enhancers for local events.

“I haven’t done atmosphere enhancing anywhere (besides Dallas), although I would say anytime I’m in a space, your atmosphere is enhanced just by my presence,” Everywhere said.

Her long-term goal is to leave the world a better place than how she found it. Everywhere wants to get more involved with charity work, specifically with Literary Achieves to teach immigrants English. 

She also has an interest in expanding her skillset to include bartending, skin aesthetics, and teaching.

“I’ve always imagined myself dabbling in other things,” Everywhere said. “I’m a lifetime learner.”

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