Cloudy Skies Don’t Block Eclipse Viewing in the Park Cities

“It looks like a smiley moon,” 6-year-old Louise Killgore said while viewing April 8’s solar eclipse. “It’s very, very happy.”

Eclipse viewers around University and Highland Park were happy as well when the weather defied forecasts and clouds held off long enough to allow for ample eclipse viewing.

Lucy Austin, 4, watches the eclipse in Fairfax Park with her family. PHOTO: Sarah Hodges

Louise’s mother Kenzie Killgore, and her sisters Maggie, 3, and Adelaide, 2, were among the spectators of Monday’s celestial event in Fairfax Park. Total Eclipse in the Park, organized by the Highland Park Library in partnership with the Department of Public Safety and Parks Department, featured an eclipse themed story walk, a spin wheel, and crafts, including bracelets with UV sensitive beads.

Jacquelyn Austin brought her mother Nancy, who came in from Denver, and her children Jackson, 9, Charlie, 7, and Lucy, 4, to view the eclipse.

“I see it! I see it!” Charlie yelled with excitement while viewing the eclipse. “It kind of looks like it’s green and it kind of looks like a crescent moon.”

Nearby, Dan, Colleen, Conrad and Dana Roark had come prepared to view the eclipse with glasses, snacks and colanders, which doubled as pinhole cameras and popcorn holders.

“This is good, I like the energy around it,” Colleen, who is from Arizona, said. 

At Hyer Elementary, students viewed the eclipse from the school’s playground and grassy field. 

“Holy guacamole!” kindergarteners yelled while watching the eclipse through glasses and paper plate shields they had made with the help of high schoolers. During totality, fourth graders ran around field. At the eclipse’s end, students celebrated by snacking on moon pies and sun chips.

Richard and Deanna Carrell viewed the eclipse with their labradoodle, Piper, in Smith Park. 

“The clouds were a little iffy for a little while, but it seemed to work out,” Deanna said. “It was really interesting how it got totally dark.” 

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