HP Recognizes Brothers for Criminal Offense Response

Teenage brothers Bauer and Braden Berkley were home alone when a burglar — who had just fled the scene of an accident — entered their house.

Highland Park director of public safety Chuck McGinnis recognized the Berkleys during the March 19 Town Council meeting with Citizen Commendations for their response to the Jan. 23 incident.

During the incident, Bauer, 16, immediately grabbed his BB gun, which resembled a handgun.

“He began searching the home for the suspect because he was worried for his brother,” McGinnis said.

During this time, Braden, 14, had a verbal altercation with the suspect, who entered his room and then went into his bathroom. Braden left the room and searched for his brother to help.

When Bauer heard the interaction in Braden’s room, Bauer entered, held the suspect at BB gun point and called 911.

Offers arrived within one minute and apprehended the suspect.

“Both of these young men kept calm in the face of adversity and demonstrated qualities of courage and bravery, which deserve to be formally recognized,” McGinnis said. “That’s what we’re here to do today.”

In other news, during the March 19 meeting and study session, the Town Council:

  • Observed the rank and badge pinning of new Deputy Police Chief Marc Rossini and new Deputy Operations Chief Jake Mowrey.
  • Reviewed, discussed, and approved a resolution validating the review statement of investment policies as adopted by the town.
  • Reviewed and discussed the library master plan project.
  • Reviewed and discussed construction progress for the Holland Elevated Storage Tank project.
  • Reviewed and discussed the Department of Public Safety annual report.
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