Real Talk: Nicole McAdams Groth

Nicole McAdams Groth identifies herself as a wife, a mom of three, an artist, and an interior designer. 

“I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville,” she said. “Shortly after, I came to Dallas to attend SMU and studied studio art with an emphasis in painting.”

How long have you been in interior design, and what led you to this career? 

I’ve been doing interior design for almost nine years. Lindley was our interior designer first, and then, to my surprise, she offered me a job. I have loved working alongside Lindley as a close friend and a boss (she’ll hate me for saying this!). While at SMU, I studied color theory, which has really influenced my use of color in my design.

Now that you’ve been a design professional for a while if you could go back in time and give yourself any advice, what would it be? 

The advice I would give myself would be not to be afraid, to take a leap of faith, and let God guide the process.

What is the best thing about being an interior designer?

I love our clients, and so many turn out to be friends when the project is over. All the women in our firm have worked together for a long time, and we really have become like a family.

What is your outlook on the Dallas market? 

Our business was so busy during the pandemic and the years after because people really focused on their homes, and it’s definitely gone back to a normal pace now. Our clients subscribe less to trends and gravitate toward traditional design and warmer finishes.  

Give us a fun fact about yourself. 

I have a slight pillow problem — I am constantly switching out our decorative pillows, much to my husband’s dismay! 

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