My American Girl Store Adventure

By Alice Hodges

Anyone can have an adventure at the new American Girl store in the Shops at Park Lane.

The first thing you experience when you walk into the store is awe. You feel like a doll inside a dollhouse. I noticed all the detail put into the dolls’ scenes and surroundings. The Nanea dolls were on what looked like real sand, and all the candy that you would get on the Hogwarts Express was with the Harry Potter dolls.

The American Girl store now offers manicures, ear piercing, and hair styling for girls, as well as their dolls. PHOTO: Sarah Hodges

My doll, Elizabeth, and I got our hair and nails done. We chose matching French braids with pink and blue ribbons, and they even curled both our hair. Elizabeth got her ears pierced with star earrings. I didn’t know they could do that! We both got our nails done with blue polish, and I got a design done on my thumbs. They washed my hands with a rose fizzy that you could really smell. It was like a salon, except more special because Elizabeth could be with me.

My mom, Elizabeth and I went down to the café, where Elizabeth sat in a special seat at the table, and got a plate and cup that we could take home. The complimentary cinnamon rolls were excellent. I wanted to eat my mom’s too, but she said she would eat hers. 

Alice and Elizabeth enjoyed lunch in the cafe. PHOTO: Sarah Hodges

I got a Sprite with a glitter bomb to drink. The glitter bomb looked like cotton candy, but when you put it in your drink, it made the soda turn dark pink and had glitter and edible stars in it. I drank my Sprite with an edible strawberry-flavored straw until I ate too much of the straw and had to switch to plastic.

Our waiter brought us appetizers on a three-tiered tray. I tried the meatballs, fruit skewers, cantaloupe, and celery bites, but had to stop so I would still have room for my entrée. I got mac and cheese and my mom had a giant salad. The mac and cheese was really cheesy!  We had chocolate mousse for dessert in a flower-pot with cookie crumbles for soil and a fake flower on top.

I walked around the beautiful store one more time before leaving. I wanted to take everything in the store with me home and hope I come back soon!

Alice Hodges, a fifth-grader at McCulloch Intermediate School, is the daughter of People Newspapers deputy editor Sarah Hodges. American Girl Dallas treated Alice, Elizabeth, and Sarah during a media VIP tour as part of the grand opening.

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