The Police’s Stewart Copeland Earns 2024 Meadows Award

SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts has given this year’s Meadows Award to composer and The Police drummer Stewart Copeland.

As the award recipient, Copeland will participate in an artistic residency at SMU where he will conduct the Meadows Symphony Orchestra in “Police Deranged for Orchestra,” featuring some of The Police’s best-known songs. The show will be April 16 at the 31st-annual Meadows at the Meyerson event.

The Meadows Award is given to an artist to recognize their strengths and ability to turn ambition into success.

“The Meadows School is recognizing Stewart Copeland with the Meadows Award not only because of his prodigious gifts as a musician and composer, but also because of the unfailing dedication to artistic innovation and experimentation that has fueled his multidisciplinary career for nearly five decades,” said Samuel S. Holland, Algur H. Meadows Dean at the Meadows School of the Arts.

Holland also said the school is thankful for Stewart working with Meadows students who will be inspired by his trajectory and carry his example forward in their own practices.

“Musicians and artists of all kinds are compelled by an innate drive,” Copeland said. “Constant reinvention is how I recommend to channel that drive. I’m honored to receive the Meadows Award and excited to share all I’ve learned through my career as a drummer and composer with Meadows students. I can’t wait to join the Meadows Symphony Orchestra on stage.”

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