HPISD Launches STEAMology Podcasts

Teachers can get tips on how to incorporate STEAM into their lesson plans anytime and anywhere, and all for free, thanks to HPISD’s new STEAMology Podcasts.

The podcasts were the brainchild of Bridget Myers, the district’s STEAM lead. “Every day when I drive into work, I’m listening to something,” she said. Podcasts came to mind as a learning tool for educators that would “equip our teachers with what they need easily, that doesn’t feel like it’s extra and it’s fun.”

The first two podcasts are already available on Apple Music and Spotify. One features an interview with executive director of the Moody Innovation Institute Geoffrey Orsak, and the other includes a discussion with professor Joel Meyers, a theoretical cosmologist at SMU.

Future podcasts will address STEAM content knowledge, teaching style and pedagogy. More will also focus on the April 8 total solar eclipse, with the aim that educators have the background knowledge to feel confident talking about the once-in-320-year event with their students.

“The more you know about it, the more you can really appreciate it,” Myers said. “We have plenty of time to really learn about what’s going to happen.”

In addition to the podcasts, HPISD has a variety of eclipse resources for educators and the community available at www.hpisd.org/eclipse.

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