Dallas 24 Hour Club Named Nonprofit of the Year

The Center for Nonprofit Management has named the Dallas 24 Hour Club Nonprofit of the Year.

The announcement was made at the center’s “A Night of Light Awards Ceremony” in early November.

The 24 provides transitional living, support services, and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts so they can embrace long-term sobriety and become contributing, self-supporting members of the community. The nonprofit was chosen as Nonprofit of the Year for demonstrating strong performance in the following nomination categories: data-driven decision making, continuous improvement, and stakeholder engagement.

“The timing is very fitting, as CEO Emeritus Marsha Williamson’s legacy is cemented by such a prestigious award,” The 24 CEO president Tim Grigsby said. “We have really taken data collection, interpretation, and data-driven decision making seriously since actively working with the CNM Outcomes Team using the CNM-pact Services, and it has improved our organization and programs.”

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