Judge Blocks Short-Term Rental Ban, For Now

A Dallas County judge has temporarily blocked the city from enforcing its new short-term rental ordinance adopted by the city council in June.

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In October, four short-term rental operators and the Dallas Short-Term Rental Alliance sued the city of Dallas. The four plaintiffs — Sammy Aflalo, Vera Elkins, Denielle Lindsey, and Denise Lowry — are longtime STR operators who say they abided by prior city requirements to register and pay hotel taxes.

Their lawsuit argues that the city’s actions contradict the state constitution and that the reasons the city gave for enacting stricter measures were inconclusive. They asked Judge Monica Purdy to approve a temporary injunction to prevent the city from enforcing the new rules until the lawsuit is resolved in court.

Bethany Erickson, senior digital editor for our sister publication D Magazine, has more.

(READ: Judge Blocks Dallas From Enforcing Its Short-Term Rental Ordinance, For Now)

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