PH Rotary, Junkluggers Host Electronic Recycling Drive

The Rotary Club of Preston Hollow is partnering with The Junkluggers of Dallas for a landfill diversion/electronics recycling event in the Hillcrest High School parking lot this weekend.

The event, held Saturday, Nov. 18 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., will allow community members to drop off electronics to be recycled and pick up White Oak saplings and a tree planting guide from members of the Rotary Guide.

“Many people have a drawer full of old cords, an old laptop or VCR, or even a show box of cell phones laying around,” said Andrew Siegel, Junkluggers’ franchise owner and member of the city of Dallas’ Environmental Commission. “They know that throwing them in the trash isn’t the right thing to do with them but aren’t aware of any other easy options, so we are providing one.”

Laptops and desktops will be delivered to a third party for secure hard drive destruction, and all other items will be sorted based on the appropriate recycler.

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