Faith Friday: Orchestra of New Spain Baroque Christmas Concert

Orchestra of New Spain is hosting its annual Baroque Christmas concert Dec. 3.

The Christmas Pastorela II at 6 p.m. at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 7611 Park Lane is a dramatized version of the Mexican Pastorela, or Shepherd’s Play, featuring villancicos (carols that use metaphors to tell the Nativity story) from 18th century Spain, Peru, and Mexico. The 2023 version tells the story through the voice of a narrator, the original five characters more fleshed out, a new character, and villancicos (carols) from Spain and Latin America: with Spain’s Padre Antonio Soler and Mexico’s Juan Garcia de Zéspedes and Manuel de Sumaya among the best known.  Included are new “cachuas’ from Peru’s Codex Martinez Compañon, more jacaras by Frances de Iribarren, a carol with lyrics by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and a Gloria from a Mass by Sumaya. Soloists are Dallas-based Jenny Ivanovna Morales, Erin Roth Thomas, Jendi Tarde, David Thompson and Will Derusha, and violinist Thane Isaac in a featured role.             

A reception will follow the concert. For more information, visit Orchestra of New Spain’s website.                  

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