Concierge Services Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Options include decorating and pre-gathering cleanings

With the holidays approaching, so comes the stress from thinking about the list of tasks needed to get ready. 

You don’t have to do it all – or alone.

Home concierge and interior decorating services in Dallas can ensure your house is well organized and beautifully decorated for the holiday season, letting you focus instead on spending time with loved ones.

With Cadeaux Christmas Interior Decorating, homeowners don’t even need to have their own decorations in storage.

Their company partners with European manufacturers to secure well-made, handcrafted décor to create beautiful looks during the holiday season. 

Customers can pick among featured options or go for customized looks to fit their styles. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Cadeaux Christmas will drop off or install the decorations.

“We can do custom shapes,” owner Delia Dahm said. “We have a wide range of products.”

One of her most popular featured looks is French Champagne, which she describes as “very chic” with “lots of metal” and a silver, gold, and dark bronze color palette. 

Dahm takes note of the trends that circle within interior design and uses those trends to curate her designs. 

Nature has become trendy since the pandemic, she said. 

“What is unexpected is that we combine natural elements with high tech,” Dahm explained. “They come together in a very nice, soft, and vibrant way. It’s very opposites attract. So we see a lot of violet and yellow and earthy tones.” 

Dahm also has noticed mental and physical well-being reflected in designs with soft greens combined with white and beige to create a soothing atmosphere. 

For those who already have decorations but need assistance installing them, concierge services such as Honey Homes can help customers look festive and tackle all the other work around the house. 

That can include hanging Christmas lights and decorations or deep cleaning the oven before Thanksgiving dinner.

Many Honey Homes customers rely on the concierge services year-round.

“Honey Homes’ handymen and handywomen can complete minor electrical and plumbing jobs, as well as standard handyman tasks around the house that can be completed in less than 1.5 hours per job,” said Jeff Gottschall, general manager for Honey Homes.

With the company’s app, a customer adds their need to a to-do list, and the handyman will see it and come out to get it done. 

“It makes everything so much easier,” said Mary Margaret Neff, of University Park. “I’m usually pretty organized … but it’s pretty difficult to remember who to call for any(thing) specific. It’s a one-stop shop.” 

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