Out & About: Nexus Recovery Center Mothers’ Brunch

Serving celebration and food, the Nexus Recovery Center raised $200,000 during its Mothers’ Brunch to support mothers with substance use disorders and help find healing for them and their families. 

The recovery center hosted the second-annual brunch May 20 at the Dallas Country Club. This was made possible by Nexus’ supporter and promoter, the Auxiliary of Nexus. The 2023 event chairs were Lili Luth and Lara Sahliyeh, with Louise Hallam Collins as honorary chair. 

The brunch helps Nexus connect with the community and provide a place for women in the program to access the services for a healthy life.

“Nexus Recovery Center is honored and thrilled by the generosity at the second annual Mothers’ Brunch,” Nexus CEO Heather Ormand said. 

Established in 1971, Nexus was originally High Hopes Rehabilitation but the program expanded so much that they ended up moving to an 11-acre campus to accommodate for new services like therapy and life skill training. 

Women can go to Nexus and expect more than just that, as the children’s services also offer parenting classes and play, occupational, and speech therapy.  

“The recovery journey has peaks and valleys, we find hope and joy that we have so many that are willing to stand with us through it all,” Ormand said. 

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