Remembering Fun With Dr. Anderson, the Retired Mr. Claus

People Newspapers staff members and readers shared memories of Dr. Carl Anderson, who retired this summer after 32 years as the NorthPark Santa Claus.

The Hurmis Family

“These two waited anxiously in long lines for many years to see Santa at NorthPark and now they have done the same with their children.” – Kim Hurmis

FROM LEFT: Callie Hurmis Jones, Santa, and Holly Hurmis Langford, 1993.

The Wallace Family

“These photos are from Santa’s first year at NorthPark with me at age 4 and his last year in person at NorthPark with three of our four boys. We are sad that COVID kept our youngest, a 2020 baby, from meeting him before he retired.

Wells Wallace saw four Santas that year at various events. He was terrified of every Santa except Dr. Anderson and is crying in all of our pictures from that year with every other Santa. He knew Dr. Anderson was the real deal and was so mesmerized by him that he didn’t want to leave his lap.” – Jourdy Wallace

The Vera Family

“This has been a family tradition for three generations. Now Kennedy says she does not want to see Santa anymore.” – Victoria Vera

FROM LEFT: Edward McCurdy, Victoria Vera, Santa, Veronica Vera, and Marie Vera, 1996.

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