EarthX and Dallas Symphony Orchestra Collaborate for ‘The Way of the Rain — Hope for Earth’

EarthX and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra premiered The Way of the Rain — Hope for Earth at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center on Oct. 22.

A creation of orchestra, chorus, film, art, and spoken word made up the multidisciplinary environmental performance. The work interprets nature’s powerful beauty while placing attention on Earth’s vulnerability due to climate change.

The Way of the Rain — Hope for Earth tells the story of the formation of the universe, the evolution of the galaxies, and the birth of the unique Earth with all its elements. 

“I knew that the Dallas Symphony needed to be part of this project from the moment that Trammell approached me,” said Kim Noltemy, Ross Perot president and CEO of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. “The marrying of all these disciplines to tell the story of our Earth resonated with me, and I know it will resonate with audiences.”

Sibylle Szaggars Redford created and directed the performance in collaboration with music composer Tim Janis, performance film artist Flyod Thomas McBee, and special narration by Robert Redford. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Julien Benichou. 

For nearly four decades, internationally renowned artist Sibylle Szaggars Redford has mastered a variety of mediums while keeping the environment at the forefront of her work. Artworks by Redford displayed in Christopher Martin Gallery Oct. 18 through Nov. 4. The title of her solo exhibit is “Rain Paintings” — A Collaboration With Falling Rain by Sibylle Szaggars Redford. 

Redford was inspired to create her rain paintings while living in New Mexico. The annual monsoon rains gave her the idea to use rain as a collaborator within her art. She began by applying watercolor on dry paper and waiting for the rain to fall and organically transform the piece. 

“The future of Earth and our well-being lies in our hands, only together — like raindrops — will we be able to nourish the river of life,” Redford said. “Let’s raise our voices together in these crucial times for Earth — the Mother of All.”

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