Housing Forward Marks Anniversary of Dallas Real Time Rapid Rehousing Initiative

Housing Forward, formerly Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, recently marked the one-year anniversary of the Dallas Real Time Rapid Rehousing (DRTRR) initiative. 

The initiative, a partnership with local governments and philanthropies, aims to rehouse over 2,700 individuals experiencing homelessness. Per a report from Housing Forward CEO Joli Robinson, as of Oct. 19, 2022, the DRTRR collaborative effort rehoused 1,265 individuals.

“We are thrilled that as a system we are working more effectively and housing more people faster than ever. We have housed 35% more people in the third quarter of this year than we did in that same period in 2021,” the letter read. “While celebrating these successes, we are conscious of the increased demands on our direct service partners, and we are pivoting to other best practices such as increasing diversion to address the need.”

“Diversion helps people avoid entering the homeless response system by resolving their immediate housing crisis through creative housing-focused problem-solving, connection to natural supports or community resources, and at times financial assistance,” the letter continued. “Diversion alone is not enough, though, we need more housing units. We are so appreciative of our partners in the landlord and property management community, but we need more to join them.” 

For more information about the initiative, visit Housing Forward’s website.

Housing Forward was founded in 2002 to address homelessness in Dallas and Collin counties.

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