Jewelry on a Tree: Dallas Decorator Elevates Christmas Décor

Want something fresh and refined for Christmas?  A Dallas interior decorator aims to elevate Christmas décor, while bringing it back to its European roots.

Cadeaux Christmas Interior Decorating seeks to fill a gap in high-end Christmas décor in the American market.  Cadeaux creates custom designs and limited-edition holiday Looks all made of luxury European décor. 

The company was founded by Delia Dahm, a certified interior decorator who has spent the last 25 years in Dallas. A native of Romania, she grew up experiencing the best of European Christmas. 

Over her years in Dallas, Dahm struggled to find Christmas décor that matches what she knew was available in Europe.  She finally took the plunge and began sourcing and importing decor herself. Today, Cadeaux collaborates with over 30 European artisans from 10 countries.

One of their collections includes unique pieces, such as 24-Karat mouth-blown gold ornaments. 

“These ornaments are unique in the world,” says Dahm and “only one ornament maker has mastered working with both blown glass and 24-Karat gold.”

European glass ornaments have been declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage.  Glass ornament-making is a tradition dating back over 200 years, but the artisans who make them are disappearing as cheaper products made in China flood the market. 

“Christmas is a fascinating design space because it’s both grounded in tradition and, at the same time, in tune with global trends.  Christmas design trends actually follow the general interior design trends each year. “There’s an on-going design conversation among European Christmas designers and craftsman,” says Dahm.

The best European craftspeople are creating some truly innovative ornaments. “A beautiful Christmas ornament is like a piece of jewelry on the tree. I get to decorate trees with 200 to 350 pieces of jewelry,” she says. The results are dazzling.

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