‘Resident Only’ Parking in Place at Abbott Ave. and Knox Street

The east side of the 4600 block of Abbott Avenue and the north side of the 3400 block of Knox Street are now “resident only” parking areas.

This was unanimously approved by the Highland Park Town Council during its Oct. 18 meeting, following a public hearing about the parking situation.

(READ: Petition Seeks ‘Resident Only’ Parking Near Knox Park)

Residents initiated a petition for “resident only” parking, as Knox Park shoppers, Katy Trail visitors, and construction workers have been using parking spots outside of residents’ homes. The parking was previously two-hour parking.

Two residents spoke at the public hearing on how changing the parking to “resident only” would serve the community members who live there. Bart Humphrey, one of the commenters, brought up concerns about parties and weekend visitors on the street who would have to find alternative parking, but he “totally get[s] the problem with the retail and construction parking.”

“For 14 years, I have seen a significant growth in the parking issues over that area,” another public commenter said. “Lately, I have to park a couple of blocks away since the staff of all the Dallas restaurants park in front of our residence since there is not sufficient parking.”

Although the council approved it, Town Council members and residents brought up concerns about pushing the cars to outside streets, not solving it entirely.

“The concern is that when you continue to push parking further away, where does it end?” Mayor Will C. Beecherl said. “I don’t have the solution for it yet. Knox Street has become a massive operation.”

In other news, during the Oct. 18 meeting and study session, the Town Council:

  • Considered a resolution denying the rate change proposed by Oncor Electric Delivery Co.
  • Approved funding of HPISD equipment.
  • Approved the best value bid for janitorial services for Town Hall, the library, and the service center to night line janitorial services.
  • Approved value bid for contract labor service in the parks department to A&A Landscaping Services.
  • Reviewed and discussed the financial and investment reports for the period ending Aug. 31, 2022.

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