Bread Winners Has New Owners, Henry’s Majestic is Moving

After the news broke two weeks ago that Bread Winners’ founders Cindy and Jim Hughes sold their 30-year-old business to Josh Bock of Stratega Capital, I reached out to the Hughes to see how they are feeling about the end of the era.

KR: What about Bread Winners are you most proud of?
Cindy and Jim: We are the (most) proud of the fact that our entire family made Bread Winners their home for so long.  Both (of) our parents and all our kids, including their spouses, worked with us at one time or another and were the most trusted and patient co-workers ever! Also, the fact that Bread Winners is still a successful company after nearly three decades is a real point of pride for us.

Cindy and Jim Hughes’ Family PHOTO: Courtesy

KR: As it should be. Where did your recipes come from, and what were your favorite dishes? What are the best sellers?
Cindy and Jim: Most of our recipes were passed down from family members, along with some really great ones from our employees.  We were also able to integrate some of our favorite flavors from our travels. Jim: My favorites are the Chicken and Waffles and the Buttermilk Pan Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. Cindy: Mine are the Sonoma Chicken Sandwich, the Grilled Tuna Melt, and all the homemade soups.

KR: I love all the breakfast breads. I love bringing a Bread Winners bread (cranberry orange is my fave) as a hostess gift. What will you miss about owning Bread Winners?
Cindy and Jim: We will miss our employees the most, some of which have been with us 20-plus years. One of our kitchen managers (who has been with us 23 years) told us when we told him the news, that he had never worked for anyone else before. Amazing!

KR: That IS amazing and speaks well of you all.  What are your plans for Henry’s Majestic and Harlowe MXM?
Cindy and Jim: It’s business as usual at Harlowe, with a continued focus on creative ideas for food and cocktails. We are looking for a new location for Henry’s Majestic, as our landlord has sold the building, and our time there is limited. October 30 is our last day in that location. We hope that our customers will come by and dine one last time in the amazing space over the next few weeks! Our plan is to reopen Henry’s Majestic in a new location, so the hunt is on for a space! Stay tuned… 

KR: Yes, there is a lot of redevelopment in that part of McKinney Avenue. I love the crispy carnitas dumplings there. Great menu.
Cindy and Jim: Thank you. We are so proud that our two sons are in a position to continue to run the business with the leadership team for the new ownership!! It’s really a dream scenario to be able to move into the next phase of our lives, knowing that the legacy we built will be honored as the brand continues to move forward by our kids. 

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