Joan Crosswell

August 23rd, 2022, Joan (Joanie) Marie Jacomini Crosswell passed on to the spiritual realm of angels, at last in her eternal home. A life so well-lived. She departed the way she had taught her family to live – with grace, dignity and joy. A precious gift. Joanie loved and cherished EVERY person in her beautiful life. Mark Twain said, “Putting grief into words is futile. And trying to do so would bankrupt the vocabulary of all languages.” While Joanie’s departure has brought grief, her infectious joy remains with us to comfort our hearts and ease our pain.

Joanie was born in Los Angeles, California. Her family later moved to Houston, Texas, where she spent most of her childhood. She graduated from The Kinkaid School before leaving home for Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. Not long after her time at Marymount, Joanie, determined to return to the state she so loved, enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1962. She was a Kappa Alpha Theta at UT and loved, and was beloved by, her sorority sisters. After her time in Austin, Joanie married Henry Markley Crosswell, III and returned to Houston. Their marriage brought together the Jacominis and Crosswells, and the fun and love from the union of these families has grown and multiplied over the years.

Joanie was brave and bold, never shying away from a new path or new direction. Joanie would eventually resettle in Dripping Springs, Texas, where she would raise her children and reside for the remainder of her life. Joanie restored a classical revival home that is a living testament to her talent, beauty and care. Joanie’s peace and calm radiate throughout the home that she so deeply loved and cared for.

There is a strong social pull toward external measures – following a path others have paved, whether one enjoys it or not. The brave of us are true to our unique call, to being independent, to doing what brings us peace and happiness and being with the people who bring us true joy. Our Joanie followed her heart, and the result has been a contagious joy that has spread to all who have had the pleasure to have known her. Joanie’s loss leaves a massive void, as her life and love were ever expanding. Her love, and the love for her, is so palpable you can quite literally feel it in your heart. The honor that we all feel to have been her grandchildren, children and friends is even more indescribable. Joanie, “Grandmommy”, was kindhearted, selfless, lively, vibrant, hilarious and charming. Truly there has never been nor will there ever be anyone quite like her.

Her natural beauty was not only on the outside, but always brightly shining from within. Anyone who knew her was immensely impacted by being in her presence, hearing her laugh, receiving her hugs and the magic she so effortlessly displayed. Her smile could brighten a room and her dance moves brought laughter. She held a space of warmth and acceptance to each person she met. In her final days she remained utterly joyful, brave and gentle. When Uncle Tom visited, she asked him, “Did you bring your helicopter? Let’s get out of here…”. Indeed, she did fly away bravely and beautifully. Her final words spoken to a grandchild were, “I feel peace, so much peace”. At last, she is in the loving arms of the Prince of Peace.

There is a piece of Joanie in every drop of rain, gust of wind, every laugh, every hug – her presence is eternal. There is a piece of her in each of us who loved her, and we are all better people because of it. When the reunion comes, we will dance, do puzzles, bake fudge pie, work in the yard, play with the dogs, listen to John Denver, all while smelling like Chanel No. 5 (she will be in her pearls for eternity). Until we meet again, we will cherish every moment we had with her. Frank Ostaseski says that the two most important questions people ask him before death are: Am I loved? And Did I love well? The answers for Joanie are without measure – she was loved infinitely and to be loved by Joanie was to be loved like none other.

She is preceded in death by her parents she so adored, Victor Virgil Jacomini and Katherine Thomas Jacomini. She is survived by her best friend and big brother Thomas (Tommy) Paul Jacomini, who lovingly called his little sister, “Kid”. She is also survived by her five children and their spouses, whom she so cherished: Katherine Crosswell, Mark and Liz Crosswell, Victor and Flora Crosswell, Lissie and Wayne McCullough, and Peter and Holly Crosswell. She is survived also by her 14 grandchildren who adored their “Grandmommy” beyond description.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Patriots’ Hall of Dripping Springs, *Please select, “Dedicate my donation in honor or memory of Joanie Crosswell”.

We will see you soon, “We love you with all of our hearts”. You are our eternal sunshine.

My Eternal Sunshine
Your life was measured in smiles, crystals and Grandmommy kisses
You laughed, danced, and fulfilled the daisy bush wishes.
My Eternal Sunshine
You changed the ground you stood on. You lived in the eternal Springs never doubting the beauty and struggle that life brings.

My Eternal Sunshine
Joy was your gift; laughter was your language, and your soul was made of pixie dust gold.
Your love was relentless, your smile contagious and your spirit was beautifully bold.

My Eternal Sunshine
Feathers, elephants, beads, and a charm… the work of a mother that protected her children from harm.

My Eternal Sunshine
It was a Country Road that took you home. Our memories gathered around you. We felt your love and we knew… heaven was open, wholeness is here, the world will never forget you as your path was so clear.
You are the Eternal Sunshine
(Wayne C. McCullough)

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