North Texas Giving Day 2022: Bryan’s House

Editor’s note: In light of North Texas Giving Day, we asked for “elevator pitches” from some of our local nonprofits participating in the big day for our special Giving People section in our September print issues.

Bryan’s House provides programs and services for at-risk children with special needs and their families. The families we serve can’t afford VITAL interventions for their children with most Bryan’s House families earning just over $24,000 annually. We are here to help.

Through crisis intervention, case management, homeless prevention, onsite therapy, early childhood development, and family support, children with special needs can thrive, and their families can overcome obstacles common to low-income families who have children with special needs.

The importance of our work is seen daily in the clients we serve. Zabrina’s family was told she would never walk. She couldn’t move or walk independently at 2 years old and needed help eating. After six months of becoming a Bryan’s House client, Zabrina could walk independently and feed herself! Her mother said, “When I left Zabrina at Bryan’s House, I knew her care team of therapists, nurses, teachers, and case managers would love her, teach her, and advocate for her. Knowing she was in good hands empowered me to work, return to school, and earn a livable wage to support our family.”

Our community is stronger when we help those who are most vulnerable. Together, we can create a better and more inclusive way forward for children with special needs and their families. Please consider donating to Bryan’s House on North Texas Giving Day.

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