Dallas ISD Approves Staff Compensation Increases for 2022-2023

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees approved a $103.2 million increase in staff compensation among other developments in its 2022-2023 budget.

The increase breaks down to a $51.2 million salary increase for staff and $52 million for retention incentives. 

The pay increase for teachers means that teachers will get the greater of three increase possibilities: either a change in Teacher Excellence Initiative effectiveness level, a change in compensation for the effectiveness level, or a board-approved increase of 3% of compensation level. 

Teachers will also be able to advance more than one level on the 2021-2022 evaluation scorecard if earned, as opposed to traditionally only being able to move up one level per year. 

The budget increase also means that new Dallas ISD teachers will have a starting salary of at least $60,000. Teachers working in high-need areas, such as bilingual education or accelerating campus excellence, or who work additional days will receive compensation in addition to their base salary increase. 

For retention, the district will provide staff members who were hired before May 1, 2022, and return for the upcoming school year with a retention incentive up to $3,500, spread across three installments. 

The district is also increasing its minimum wage to $15 an hour, impacting pay for about 7,200 non-exempt support and operations staff. This increase will make Dallas ISD a regional leading district in minimum wage values. 

Bus drivers and monitors will see a 10% pay increase during the upcoming year, and returning drivers will receive a $2,500 retention incentive. The hourly minimum wage for those in transportation services will be $25 for drivers with commercial driver’s licenses, $17.49 for MPV drivers, and $15 for bus monitors. 

Food service cooks and assistants will also see a 10% increase next year, and returning employees will receive a $2,500 retention incentive on top of that. Minimum hourly pay will be $15.14 for food service assistants and $16.96 for food service cooks. 

For hourly maintenance and facilities staff, they will see a 10% pay increase in the upcoming school year, with an additional $2,500 retention incentive for returners. Custodian minimum pay will be $15. 

Assistant principals and principals will also see an adjustment in their respective excellence initiatives and will get the greater of three increases: a change in effectiveness level, a change in compensation for effectiveness level, or a board-approved increase of up to $2,000 for assistant principals and $2,500 for principals. 

Returning campus-based staff will also be eligible for the $2,500 retention incentive and minimum pay increases: $25,000 for teacher assistants, $45,800 for community liaisons, and $58,000 for nurses.

Other central staff who are not under an excellence initiative will receive a 3% increase based on the midpoint and up to the maximum of their respective salary change. Assistant superintendents and above will receive 2% of the salary range midpoint.

Teachers and campus leaders will see their salary increase in their October paychecks, and other employees will see their increases in September.

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