Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax Will Remain On the Job For Now

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax will keep his job after he and Mayor Eric Johnson announced they reached an agreement and plan to work together to address city issues.

“The time for rhetoric is over,” Johnson said. “It is now time for a reset, it is now time to heal, and it is now time for real results and accountability.”

Broadnax said he is looking forward to a new era with a fresh approach, and he “takes full responsibility for addressing the issues that are critical to the long-term success of the city.”

“I’ve committed to the mayor that we will reset moving forward and that we will take a fresh approach to the challenges that we still need to address together,” Broadnax said. “He has committed to me that he will be a collaborative partner in these efforts.”

The five main areas of agreement between Johnson and Broadnax include permitting, public safety, 911 call center issues, focusing on high-priority issues, and communication.

For the permitting agreement, Broadnax will create an action plan for the backlog and delays on an expedited timeline. The plan will bring in feedback from builders and developers with an emphasis on improving customer experience for short-term triage and long-term changes for smoother operations. 

Broadnax and Johnson also have plans to work on improving community-based public safety initiatives such as more lighting in high-crime areas. The 911 call center will also see improvements as Broadnax plans for it to ensure reliable and efficient service to the community. 

Some of the high-priority issues the pair will tackle include the city’s international stature, a new Economic Development Corporation, and implementing the mayor’s policy priorities for city council committees. 

Regarding communication, Broadnax plans to be more communicative about progress on city issues, along with developing a protocol to address issues brought up during city council meetings. Broadnax and Johnson also have plans to start meeting biweekly to discuss issues, priorities, and progress within the city. 

Johnson is now in isolation due to COVID-19, and he canceled tomorrow’s special-called performance review of the city manager and city auditor and plans to have the city council conduct performance reviews on their direct reports in August, following the July recess. 

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