City Council Members Request Investigation After Memo Was Filed Without Consent

Dallas City council members Chad West, Adam Bazaldua, and Jesse Moreno requested an investigation of last week’s memo calling for a performance review of City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

It was allegedly filed with the city secretary without their consent, they said. 

In the trio’s memo signed yesterday, they wrote that their concerns are that the mayor’s office did not have the authority to file the previous memo and that it should be held for discussion purposes only. Additionally, the memo states that Council members Paula Blackmon and Gay Donnell Willis presented the mayor with the signed memo June 9, which the other three weren’t aware of until media contacts reached out. 

The memo also states that although the special-called meeting, which was supposed to take place yesterday, was based on the three-signature memo, they have concerns that the five-signature one was filed without their permission in the first place.

“We have serious concerns about the ethics associated with staff members using Councilmembers’ signatures for official documents without express authority from Councilmembers and ask that you indicate an investigation into the appropriateness and ethics associated with the filing,” the statement reads. 

Broadnax’s regularly-scheduled annual performance evaluation will take place next Wednesday, June 23. 

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