Immersive ‘Banksyland’ Exhibit Coming To Dallas

The art world has its share of mysteries and one of the biggest ones of the modern era has to be the identity of the street artist Banksy. 

Dallas art enthusiasts will get a chance to immerse themselves in the intrigue at Banksyland, an international touring exhibition featuring more than 80 works, including original and studio pieces, salvaged street artworks, and never-before-seen installations.

The exhibition will open somewhere in the Dallas Design District June 24 and run through July 4. Ticket holders will receive the event location approximately two weeks before the event opens. 

Banksy is understood to have been born in Bristol, England in the mid-1970s. Emerging from Bristol’s graffiti and street art scene of the ‘90s, Bansky reached worldwide acclaim and infamy in the following decade after several high profile conceptual stunts, including the illegal placement of subversive pieces inside the art world’s most hallowed galleries, and perhaps his most famous prank; when Bansky installed an automatic shredder inside the frame of his iconic Balloon Girl painting, causing the piece to self destruct upon its sale at auction, according to Banksyland’s website.

Banksy’s most recognizable works are stenciled graffitis that combine mundane imagery juxtaposed with unexpected objects and slogans.

The exhibition is produced by One Thousand Ways, an international experiential arts company specializing in innovative immersive events. 

Tickets for Banksyland range from $22-59 and are available online.

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