NorthPark Gold Gift Coin Program Temporarily Suspended

NorthPark Center temporarily suspended the sale of NorthPark Gold Gift Coins beginning Friday.

The shopping center says the use of the coins, which could be used like cash at NorthPark, was suspended “due to the inability of NorthPark’s banking partner, Comerica Bank NorthPark branch, to handle any NorthPark Gold Gift Coin transactions within its operational systems going forward.”

The shopping center says NorthPark Concierge will sell NorthPark Gold Gift Cards, which may be redeemed at NorthPark’s 200+ retailers and restaurants, until a new system is established for the physical coins.

“NorthPark Gold Gift Coins in circulation must be used at NorthPark’s merchants by July 10, 2022, or exchanged at NorthPark Concierge for a NorthPark Gold Gift Card,” NorthPark said. “We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to continue the NorthPark Gold Gift Coin program in the future.”

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