Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Vulnerable Populations

The Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation just hit its 10th year of providing health care for patients in Dallas County and surrounding areas, with an emphasis on data-driven work to identify patients’ needs and engage them through services.

PCCI came about in early 2012 as a strategic department spin-off from Parkland Health to further push Parkland’s mission of being a digital innovator in the tech sector. Since then, the not-for-profit location has leveraged clinical expertise, data science and social determinants of health to support vulnerable populations. 

The location customizes care for each patient by using advanced applications and use of data to fight COVID-19, prevent pre-term births, support children with asthma, and address other patient troubles. 

“Because of the passion of our team, the groundwork we have laid in our first decade, and the ongoing collaboration and support of Parkland and many other North Texas partners, PCCI has been able to show how powerful data can be in revealing inequity and guiding actions to understand and support the communities that need care the most,” said Steve Miff, president and CEO of PCCI. 

Amid COVID-19, PCII worked with Dallas County Health and Human Services to implement public health initiatives against the pandemic. The center’s COVID-19 proximity and vulnerability indices were used to guide Dallas County’s healthcare leaders to properly allocate testing and vaccination resources. 

“During our first decade, we have collaborated with philanthropic foundations, federal agencies, rural and urban health systems, payers, local municipalities, community organizations, and others who share our common passion in finding the most impactful ways to address the needs of vulnerable populations,” Miff said. 

As an affiliate of the Parkland system, PCCI focuses on developing programs that align with Parkland’s strategy to make the system more efficient.

“PCCI has been uniquely positioned to support the Parkland community with innovative solutions that empower all of us,” said Fred Cerise, Parkland president and CEO and PCCI board member. “It is no exaggeration to assert that with its digital health strategy, Parkland will lead the way for better health for our patient population.”

PCII plans to spend the rest of 2022 celebrating its anniversary with programs and activities to highlight the success and future initiatives of the location. More information about PCCI’s anniversary and its efforts can be found at

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