“Leaping Lumberjacks”

​By Sarah MacElroy

As children, we learn to accept the stigma that identifies dance as a feminine and delicate art form. Author, wife, and mother Sarah MacElroy published her first children’s book to defy gender norms and racial stereotypes because anyone can dance. The daughter of Sandra and John Secor, of Highland Park, found writing the book to be a “cathartic experience” and utilized writing to cope with life’s difficulties and pursue her interests in the arts. Furthermore, MacElroy included her husband, a wounded veteran, and her oldest son in the illustrations drawn by childhood friend Terie Beth Dillard. The exciting story “introduces children to animals of the forest and their habitats” and spreads “a little cheer” for readers to appreciate.

“50 Moments: Faking it, Taking It, and Making It as a Working Actor in Hollywood”

By Nellie Sciutto

We have heard it a million times before: “Fake it until you make it.” Nellie Sciutto, co-host of the Bubble Lounge podcast for other Park Cities moms, builds on that theme in her new book. The comedic, action-packed, and relatable story covers career highlights and challenges, ranging from an unprecedented encounter with the Boston mafia to an amusing rendezvous with an A-list producer. Her new podcast derived from the book takes on the same title. Sciutto began working as a petite model and actress at the age of 14 and moved out to Hollywood where she “had all kinds of experiences, most of them hilarious” and some “tear-jerky,” but learned many life lessons.

“See You There”

By Nishiki Sugawara-Beda

SMU assistant professor of art Nishiki Sugawara-Beda describes this book as her “highlight an oft-forgotten engagement in contemporary society — a deeper connection with one’s own spirit.” In it, the Japanese-American visual artist connects to culture, language, and spirituality practices and advocates for “cultural diversity” and “exchange.” The book showcases art pieces from 2012-2020, each eccentric.

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