Favorites of 2021: A Student Talks Masks

As the school year began, there was not yet a vaccine for the youngest students returning to the classroom — and there was a great deal of legal wrangling around whether school districts could require masks.

With that backdrop, our youngest intern, John Erickson, wrote about his feelings about going back to school. His piece was the top choice by our readers when we asked them to choose their favorite pieces of the year.

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“I don’t know what the new year will look like. I hope that everyone feels like I do, and wants to stay safe. I am glad that my school district is telling everyone to wear a mask.

I feel safe when everyone is wearing a mask, or at least doesn’t give me a hard time about wearing mine. I will also feel safe if my school can make sure kids are far apart, because some kids sneeze for distance and wear their masks weird (I saw on my Zoom last year), and I did not work this hard all last year to get COVID my first week at school.”

Read the piece here.

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