Favorites of 2021: Shortchanged of History

Over the summer, as the Texas legislature debated House Bill 3979, the discussion about Critical Race Theory — and what it was — hit home for many.

Digital Editor Bethany Erickson found herself thinking about her family tree, and what it meant to reckon with a history that included enslaving Black people in her piece, Shortchanged of History.

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As we continue our look back at our favorite stories of 2021, we’re going to share the stories and pieces you named as your favorites, too.

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Earlier this month, we asked readers to nominate their favorite pieces from 2021, and then later we put it to a vote. Erickson’s piece got the third most votes by our readers.

“I think the biggest thing I see when I look at my complicated family tree is that these people owned people, and my blood ties them to all the attendant problematic history with people like Thomas Jefferson, for instance.

There is no such thing as a benevolent slave owner. Thomas Jefferson owned people. George Washington owned people. James Monroe owned people.”

Read the piece here.

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