Favorites of 2021: Young Author Publishes First Book

Ask any third grader — play dates and movie nights are a really big deal, and not something you’d normally willingly give up.

But Episcopal School of Dallas student (and then-third grader) Valentina Calderón gave up her free time, and her work turned into her first book, Unipaw’s Adventures: The Friends of the Forest, published on Amazon in January. 

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That feat made her story one of People Newspapers Client Relations and Marketing Coordinator Maddie Spera’s favorites of the year.

“I just think it was really sweet and cool to see a young person exercising creativity and using the pandemic to do something so productive and inspiring,” she said. “Not to mention that a percentage of the book proceeds go to a non-profit she founded with her brother. Only eight and already doing some really cool things!”

Read about Valentina here.

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