Favorites of 2021: The Food (and Travel) Stories

As we continue our look back at our favorite stories of 2021, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a look at how food and travel were impacted by a year that saw us gingerly stepping into a “new normal” as the pandemic continued for a second year.

We asked our food writer, Kersten Rettig, for her favorite stories from the year, which included some retail fun as well.

Food that Heals the Heart – I like this because it shows a side of the hospitality industry that many people don’t think about, and when they eat hospital food, it’s not by choice.  I was really struck by the story about Chef Miguel speaking directly to the young patient to get him to eat.

PHOTO: Kersten Rettig

We Really Were Wild About Harry’s – I like this because WAH meant so much to so many different kinds of people. I loved hearing everyone’s stories.

Food Memories – I wrote this as the one-year anniversary of my dad’s death and the 10 month anniversary of my father-in-law’s death was approaching. I have many good memories of them and have made a concerted effort to write recipes down for my own kids. I loved the crowdsourcing of this, too.

Houston, We Have No Problem – Dallas and Houston have such a funny disregard to each other. This property is Houston personified and I wrote it in a way that would (hopefully) inspire Dallasites to give Houston another chance.

PHOTO: Kersten Rettig

Neuhaus Cafe – Mr. Sacher was a fun interview. He gets very childlike and starry-eyed when talking about candy. He’s like Willy Wonka without the creepiness.


Interabang’s birthday – this was a fun one. I wrote a little fairy tale about Interabang and its history and the big bad Amazon. I’m always rooting for the little guy.

Meet the BFFs … unsung Sheroes in philanthropy and hospitality. They inspired me.

Books of Love, Healing by Cooking – I like telling stories that promote places and products that do “good.”

How It Started, How It’s Going – I thought this was a great snapshot of the industry in the past year.

See more of our favorites from this year here.

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