Park Cities Crime Reports Dec. 7-12


Reported at 9:43 a.m. Dec. 7: How easy was it for a burglar to get into a yogurt shop in the 6300 block of Hillcrest Avenue and take a total of $2,563? A door was left unlocked.


8 Wednesday

Arrested at 8:22 p.m.: a 19 year old accused of possession of a controlled substance in the 3700 block of Armstrong Parkway

Arrested at 9:11 p.m.: a 19 year old accused of possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without insurance, running a stop sign, and driving without a valid license in the 3700 block of Armstrong Parkway.

9 Thursday

An intruder cut through a chain-link fence in the 4600 block of Westside Drive overnight before 11 a.m. 

Arrested at 1:23 p.m.: a 31-year-old man for evading arrest, resisting arrest, trespassing, and warrants in the 3500 block of Wheeler Street.

Reported at 10:07 a.m.: a smash and grab. A rogue broke the right passenger window of a Kia Sportage parked in the 4300 block of Overhill Drive and grabbed a bag containing $1,060, checkbook and deposit slips, several cashier’s checks, and more from inside.

10 Friday

Arrested at 1:25 a.m.: a 59-year-old accused of public intoxication in the 4200 block of Mockingbird Lane.

Street carriage light collision: A careless driver in an SUV hit a street carriage light in the 4200 block of Mockingbird Lane, leaving the light damaged and partially in the roadway at 10:42 a.m.

Arrested at 12:20 p.m.: a 33-year-old man accused of driving while intoxicated in the 4400 block of Preston Road.

A shoplifter snagged a $2,390 satchel from the Alexander McQueen store in Highland Park Village at 3:59 p.m.

11 Saturday

Arrested at 12 a.m.: a 17-year-old accused of unlawfully carrying a weapon at Armstrong Parkway and Edmondson Avenue

12 Sunday

Arrested at 2:26 a.m.: a 40-year-old man accused of driving while intoxicated and violating the open container law in the 4500 block of Southern Avenue.  

A reckless driver rear-ended a GMC Denali in a parking lot of Highland Park Village and drove off without exchanging information at 7:13 p.m.


7 Tuesday

A shoplifter pilfered a Tide product and a Neutrogena product from the CVS in the 6700 block of Preston Road at about 12:12 p.m.

A thief swiped a pair of backpacks, a pair of Microsoft Surface laptops, and more from a Cadillac Escalade parked in the 8400 block of Preston Center Plaza before 10:55 p.m.

8 Wednesday

A crook drove off in a Nissan Versa parked in the 4500 block of Emerson Avenue overnight before 7:15 a.m.

A porch pirate pilfered a package containing a Microsoft Surface from a home in the 2800 block of Stanford Avenue before 7:56 p.m. 

9 Thursday

We’re not sure what the nature of a “physical altercation between two individuals” before 2:09 p.m. in the 2900 block of University Boulevard was, but the police report also lists a credit card, driver’s license, and other items as stolen.

11 Saturday

A ne’er do well took $2,500 from a Porsche Cayenne in the 6700 block of Preston Road at 10:43 a.m.

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