Treed Off: Oncor Trying to Solve a Mystery Along the Northaven Trail

If you planted a few trees along the Northaven Trail without telling anyone, Oncor would like a word.

The utility company said this week that it is preparing for the next phase of line improvements along the trail, and has identified some trees that are, well, kinda in the way.

“We have identified some trees which were planted under the transmission line or in a location that is impeding our ability to install the new equipment,” the company explained. “In order for Oncor to proceed with the construction for the transmission project, the trees will need to be removed by the end of the year.”

The trees in question include:

  • A single tree planted under the transmission line located after trail marker NT169 before Pensive Drive.
  • Approximately eight trees planted near the transmission tower at Norcross Lane
  • Approximately 12 trees planted along the Northaven Ttrail and Eastern Avenue near the Dallas North Tollway.

The company said that it had not been notified that the trees were being installed in advance, and they haven’t been successful in locating the owners — but they would like to find either the owners or someone interested in preserving the trees.

“We will need to coordinate any relocation activity with the scheduled transmission construct on work,” a statement from Oncor said.

To talk trees, contact Emily Bookout at 214-697-8985, or or Karen Cypert at 817-228-8030 or

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