Dallas Love Field Announces Entry Road Lane Closures

Dallas Love Field’s entry road enhancement project is set to enter its next phases with the closure of multiple lanes on both Herb Kelleher Way and Mockingbird Lane.

The purpose of the upcoming roadwork is to improve pedestrian safety elements on Herb Kelleher Way and Mockingbird Lane at the airport. During the two-week period, sidewalks will be demolished, and new stamped, concrete crosswalks will be installed within the intersection. Electrical conduits will also be fitted for new pedestrian pushbuttons and streetlights.

Starting Sept. 13, the free right turn lane from Herb Kelleher Way to Mockingbird Lane and the free right turn lane from Mockingbird Lane to Herb Kelleher Way will be closed, airport traffic westbound on Mockingbird Lane will need to turn into Herb Kelleher Way from the outside through lane, and outbound traffic on Herb Kelleher way will need to turn right onto westbound Mockingbird Lane from the outside through lane. Construction is expected to last about a week.

Starting Sept. 26, the free right turn lanes in and out of the airport will be back in service, but the two outbound through lanes on Herb Kelleher Way will be closed. The outbound dual left-turn lanes will be open, and the outside left lane will serve as a left-through lane. Vehicles heading west on Mockingbird Lane will have access to the right turn only lane. The inbound outside through lane of Herb Kelleher Way will be closed to through traffic, as will one of the left turn lanes into the airport from Mockingbird Lane. The closures are expected to continue for about a week. 

Travelers are recommended to arrive at Dallas Love Field at least two hours prior to their departure time during the closure period. 

Posted speed limits will remain the same, but increased caution is advised. Warning signs and electronic message boards will be visible to alert motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists about the temporary lane closure. 

Drivers who want to avoid Mockingbird Lane can take another east-west thoroughfare, such as Inwood Road, and proceed north on Cedar Springs road through to Herb Kelleher Way.

An alternate route to and from the terminal is available via Aubrey Avenue and Tom Braniff Lane to avoid a portion of Herb Kelleher Way during the closures.

The closed lanes are expected to reopen by Oct. 1. Dallas Love Field anticipates all construction activities of the entry road enhancement project to be completed by summer 2022.

For more information, visit this website.

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