Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field Celebrates Grand Opening

The new Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field location kicked off its opening with a delayed celebration on Aug. 24.

The dealership opened in February 2020, but the grand opening event was postponed because of pandemic-related restrictions. The new Planet Lincoln location is the largest Lincoln facility in the world, and the owners, Randy, Sherry, and Shelby Reed, kept that in mind while planning the event.

The grand opening celebration featured a vintage car showcase, the 80th anniversary Lincoln Continental, and live entertainment in the form of violin players on risers dressed in elegant 1940s-era garb. All of this was spread throughout the six-story, state-of-the-art dealership, situated in the historic Love Field Braniff operations location.

Ford Motor Company’s CEO Jim Farley and Lincoln Motor Company VIPs were in attendance.

Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field is at 7767 Lemmon Ave., or you can visit their website.

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