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Seeing Leadership

I just got home from Trader Joe’s — a grocery store in Preston Hollow I’m so lucky to have within walking distance of where I live. I am very grateful to have heat, power, and running water. 

The trek back home got me thinking of how LEADERSHIP during a crisis is actually everywhere we’re not first taught to look.

It’s in the employees at the grocery stores working overtime as you read this post. It’s in the men and women shoveling and salting sidewalks and driveways so you don’t slip and fall. It’s in the community organizers raising money for Texans in need. It’s in the teachers, administrators, school board trustees, city council members, and countless others who are tapping into their problem-solving skills to get the word out about resources and advice — yet again.

It’s in our friends and family providing warmth — literally and figuratively speaking. Although the leadership we want may not be in our U.S. Senator or other elected officials — I believe the “leadership” we need was never really there in the first place. “We, the people,” will continue coming together through crisis — holding every failed leader accountable along the way.

Steven Santoyo, Dallas

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