Nexus Celebrates Half-Century of Supporting Sobriety

Recovery Center houses women and their children during life-changing journey

When Zenovia Petty needed it, Nexus Recovery Center was there for her with open doors, open arms, and an open bed.  

Petty has since gotten sober, now works at the center as a recovery support services coach, and couldn’t be more grateful for the nonprofit organization and the care it provides. 

“I’ve been clean for three years and two months,” Petty said. “And it’s because of Nexus, so now it’s important for me to give back and show other women who come here repeatedly that recovery is possible. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down. Just pick yourself back up and fight.” 

The nonprofit founded in 1971 is marking 50 years of comforting and supporting women struggling with substance abuse. 

Even during the onset of the COVID-19 shutdown, the facility remained open at full capacity, offering its highly-regarded recovery program provided by genuine people in a welcoming environment.

“Helping other women get sober and just live the lives they were meant to live, I just feel like it’s what I’m meant to do.”

Heather Ormand

“The people at Nexus are so loving, and the care was like no other,” Petty said. “There were women just like me struggling, and the groups we had were teaching me about self-acceptance and self-love, and it really helped. So I knew if I wanted that type of attention and love, Nexus was the place to come.”

Before she was involved with Nexus, new CEO Heather Ormand also saw and appreciated the center’s work. She took her position at Nexus last summer, following the retirement of previous CEO Becca Crowell. 

“Because I’m sober and have been sober for a while, the mission of Nexus has just always spoken to me,” Ormand said. “I knew I had to be here because this means everything to me, and helping other women get sober and just live the lives they were meant to live, I just feel like it’s what I’m meant to do.”

Ormand mentioned that there are many supporters of The Auxiliary of Nexus (the fundraising and volunteering arm of Nexus) in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow area.

Something else that sets Nexus apart is allowing children to accompany their mothers into treatment.

“We have several therapy specialists that provide trauma-informed play therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy,” Ormand said. “So kids get treatment but also get to see their mom change before their very eyes, and we’re the only facility that allows that to happen.”

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