Who Is Your Favorite Pro-Team Owner?

Just in time for the Super Bowl, we asked our readers to pick their favorite local pro-team owner, and if things go well, you just might see the winner celebrating tonight.

Our two-week survey asked readers to weigh in on their favorite, chosing between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Texas Rangers owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, and Kansas City Chiefs/FC Dallas owner Clark Hunt.

And, overwhelmingly, the winner was Hunt, with 58.7% of the vote. After winning last year’s Super Bowl, Hunt re-signed his star quarterback, but his Kansas City Chiefs haven’t played home games in North Texas since the Dallas Texans franchise changed names and moved to Missouri in 1963. But he still has a firm foothold in North Texas with the Hunt family ownership of FC Dallas.

“While winning is certainly a plus, Clark Hunt earns most of his respect by being a man of integrity in a position where other owners of sports teams across the nation make garish headlines,” one reader said. “Clark is intelligent, faithful, Christ-focused and his actions reflect those values.”

Many mentioned Hunt’s quiet leadership.

“Clark Hunt demonstrates leadership with his humility and perseverance,” a reader said. “Win or lose, he leads his organizations with the same integrity and quiet strength.”

“Clark Hunt makes differences from behind the scenes. He doesn’t crave the spotlight like Jerry and Cuban do,” another reader said.

But that doesn’t mean nobody appreciates Cuban’s work. The Mavericks’ owner garnered second place with 26.1% of the vote.

“Mark Cuban has made a tremendous impact on North Texas,” one survey taker said. “He is an investor in many social service non profits that benefit those in need. He eschews political correctness and is uninterested in keeping up with the Joneses – he just dives into an issue, learns about it, and helps improve the situation. “

“Cuban strives to build a better community. More inclusive and philanthropic,” one reader said.

“Mavs have done more for the community,” another reader seconded. “Besides having rabid fans, they have donated to countless charities and causes, boosted women’s issues – this all starts from the top.”

Gagliardi came in third in our poll with 15.2% of the vote. Readers pointed to the Stars’ successes, and Gagliardi’s approach to management.

“Tom Gaglardi – he understands the sport and he understands the business and he stays out the way and lets his people run things,” a reader said.

Jones, Simpson, and Davis did not receive any votes.

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