Best of 2020: ‘She Loved Life’

Women united in friendship were also united in grief after losing Leslie Baker in May when she was murdered in the driveway of her Preston Hollow home.

“Leslie Baker’s death was a tragedy – and I felt strongly that as a neighborhood newspaper, we should focus the attention on the legacy she left behind,” said People Newspapers deputy editor Bethany Erickson. “As it turned out, she and I had several mutual acquaintances – and I had actually even exchanged emails with her when I was employed elsewhere – and after several of her friends talked to her family, they chose to tell me about her.

“What emerged was a portrait of a woman who was always there for everyone she loved – and continued to be there, even after her death,” Erickson added. “The trust her friends put in me to do her justice is not something I would ever take for granted.”

You can read her story here.

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