Best of 2020: A Year Since the Tornado

October marked a year since we took shelter in closets and bathrooms. A year since we climbed out that night and navigated damage – or found (to our relief) that our homes were left unscathed by the EF3 funnel of wind and debris that marched across Preston Hollow and surrounding neighborhoods.

A year since people hid in the walk-in coolers of restaurants at Preston and Royal as the roof of the establishment was peeled off like the top of a sardine can.

And to look at what had happened since the winds came, we set out to interview homeowners, officials, school principals, and more as they recalled the night the tornado hit – and what happened in the days and months after.

The digital special section included a 30 minute video, interactive map, many interviews, a photo gallery, and more, and when you consider the liliputian size of the People Newspapers staff, the scope and depth of the section made one of publisher Pat Martin’s immediate picks for Best of 2020.

See more here.

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