Brightening Up The Holidays

Drive around the Park Cities at Christmas time and you’ll find plenty of trees adorned with lights.

Concierge home management service Manorly helps homeowners with a wide variety of needs around the home including, during the holidays, installing lights.

“We meet with the homeowner and the installer and kind of come up with what the vision is for the homeowner,” said Manorly executive director Cason Wright said of how their subcontractors work with homeowners to plan light displays. “All of ours, we try to get installed prior to Thanksgiving that way the day after Thanksgiving, we can turn the lights on.”

This year, Wright said trees adorned with lights are popular outdoor holiday decor. 

“We’re doing a lot of tree wraps,” he said. “Most of our clients are doing…just a white light, not a real neon LED look, and the tree wraps were definitely the big hit this year.”

Wright said with people spending more time at homes this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people went to more effort to make their space festive.

“I think a major difference this year would be that everyone’s been in their homes more and kind of got in the Christmas spirit maybe earlier and were willing to do a little bit more to try to make the space fun for their families–we saw a lot of excitement around it this year,” he said. 

Wright said roof lights can also help showcase architecture.

The process of taking down light displays begins immediately after New Years for the service, he said.

For those who opt to take down their lights themselves, he suggested having someone help hold the ladder to ensure safety.

Rachel Snyder

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