Schranks Relish Bond as Siblings, Teammates for Scots

One brother plays at cornerback, the other at receiver for Highland Park

Unfortunately for Tanner and Grayson Schrank, inside receivers — also known as slot receivers — don’t often match up against cornerbacks.

That prevents the siblings from battling for some serious bragging rights on the practice field for Highland Park High School, and it adds a more cordial flavor to their rare opportunity as teammates.

After a breakthrough season as a junior, Tanner is one of the top returnees on defense for the Scots. Grayson was a standout on the HP freshman squad. Like so many brothers, being two years apart kept them from playing together at any organized level.

That changed over the summer when the coaching staff told Grayson to begin working out with the varsity group.

“He was doing really well, and we were a little light on receivers,” Tanner said. “So, I knew there was a chance.”

“Expectations are increased this year. [Grayson] being on varsity as a sophomore and me being the senior leader it’s cool being on this ride with him and getting to experience everything.”

Tanner Schrank

The siblings come from an athletic family. Their father and grandfather played football as youngsters, and their mother was a track standout.

Tanner capped a terrific 2019 campaign with two interceptions in the playoffs — one of which he returned for a touchdown against Magnolia – but missed a few games with an injury earlier this season.

Meanwhile, as one of the only sophomores on the team, Grayson proved himself with two catches, including one for a touchdown, in his first varsity appearance on Oct. 16 against Rockwall.

“I knew we had a good group in front of me. I just wanted to get in where I can,” Grayson said. “I’m trying to show what I can do.”

The Schranks have enjoyed their unique chance to watch one another up close, motivating one another both on the sidelines and off the field.

“Anytime after practice or anytime we’re watching videos that we can analyze, we’re talking about football,” Tanner said. “There’s some competition, going back and forth with each other.”

Whether on offense or defense, HP has a Schrank on the field much of the time. Both siblings hope to extend their one season together deep into the playoffs.

“Expectations are increased this year,” Tanner said. “[Grayson] being on varsity as a sophomore and me being the senior leader, it’s cool being on this ride with him and getting to experience everything.”

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