Dallas ISD Issues Winter Sports Spectator Guidelines

COVID-19 cases are still increasing, just as winter sports are beginning play – prompting Dallas ISD to issue spectator guidelines with an eye to current and future case counts.

In short, in a bid to reduce the opportunity for community spread, various spectator levels will limit seating capacities for basketball, soccer, and swimming/diving based on the county’s current risk level at a given time.

Basketball and swimming fans will be limited to only two tickets per uniformed player or coach, and no tickets will be sold, while under a red risk level.

Cheerleaders will not be present, and the athletics staff will not accept passes.

During this time, only coaches whose teams are playing and administrators on duty, with a Dallas ISD identification badge, will be given access.

If space is available, media is permitted with a proper Dallas ISD media pass that must be confirmed by the Director of Athletics.

Once the county reverts to the orange risk level again, cheerleaders and their sponsors may be present, along with two guests each at facilities where space is available.

During a yellow level, basketball and swimming events will be limited to 15% capacity where half seating is split between the home and visiting teams. Tickets will only be sold online.

Cheerleaders are also allowed in facilities large enough to accommodate seating for this group, as they may not cheer on the court. Still, only coaches whose teams are playing and administrators on duty with a district ID are permitted.

If space is available media crews are allowed in, but must obtain a Dallas ISD media pass with confirmation from athletics personnel.

Soccer events are limited to 15% capacity when the county is either in the red or yellow risk levels. Similar to basketball and swimming, half of the seats are reserved for the home team and the other half for visitors. Soccer tickets will only be sold online, and cheerleaders can cheer at all games. With soccer events, media is allowed but crews are still required to have a Dallas ISD-issued media pass.

Once the University Interscholastic League releases protocols for wrestling events, the district said it will release those details as well.

“If daily positives continue an upward trend, fans or media may not be allowed to sporting events,” the district warned. “If that occurs only coaches, student-athletes, officials, event workers, and game administrators will be allowed.”

Fans are encouraged to support their student-athlete by viewing games online, when possible, as most games can be accessed via live-streaming through the NFHS Network.

To access schedules for all Dallas ISD sports, visit www.dallasisd.org/athletics.

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