Park Cities Crime Reports Sept. 14-20


Thieves took a smoker valued at $450 and approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition in various calibers valued at $4,000 that were packed up to be moved to the 4400 block of Southern Avenue. The incident was reported at 10:09 a.m. Sept. 15. 


14 Monday

A porch pirate pilfered a package containing four American Eagle coins valued at $4,444 from a home in the 4700 block of Bowser Avenue. The incident was reported at 9:39 a.m.

15 Tuesday

A ne’er do well swiped a Red Max leaf blower around 4:50 p.m. from a nearby work truck that was parked in the 4500 block of Fairway Avenue.

16 Wednesday

Arrested at 3:35 a.m.: A 47-year-old man for a warrant in the 4500 block of Cowper Avenue

A crook stole a credit card belonging to a man in the 3500 block of Euclid Avenue and charged $59.77 from a Hooters restaurant and $31.78 from Uber to it. The incident was reported at 11:28 a.m.

A burglar got into an unlocked Lexus LX570 parked in a parking lot of the Dallas Country Club in the 4100 block of Beverly Drive and swiped between $160 and $170 in cash. The incident was reported at 11:28 a.m.

How easy was it for a thief to drive off in a Jeep Cherokee parked in front of a home in the 3500 block of Lexington Avenue overnight before noon? The Jeep may have been left unlocked and one of the keys was missing.

A pilferer rummaged through a van parked in the 3600 block of Lexington Avenue and took tools, leaving the back doors of the van open around 3:15 p.m.

18 Friday 

A miscreant snagged an Echo backpack blower worth nearly $600 from the bed of a pickup truck parked in the 4800 block of Byron Avenue around 12:17 p.m.

19 Saturday 

Arrested at 11:45 p.m.: A 37-year-old man accused of stalking in Highland Park Village

20 Sunday

A good neighbor found a wallet containing a driver’s license, passport card, a debit card, $10 in cash and more on a park bench in the 4600 block of Lakeside Drive around 5:49 p.m. and informed authorities.


14 Monday

Neighborhood censorship? A trespasser took two political signs from a yard in the 3200 block of Stanford Avenue overnight before 11:34 a.m.

15 Tuesday

A swindler got into a vehicle in the 3900 block of Amherst Street and took a $600 pair of glasses, $150 worth of clothes, and more overnight before 8:34 a.m.

How easy was it for a crook to get into a Ford Explorer parked in the 3500 block of Caruth Boulevard overnight before 11 a.m. and take a $2,500 Louis Vuitton piece and jewelry? The vehicle was left unlocked. 

16 Wednesday

A scoundrel pilfered a Chromebook, $40 worth of firearm magazines, as well as other firearm accessories, from an unlocked Ford Raptor in the 3600 block of Wentwood Drive. The incident was reported at 5:10 p.m.

A package thief swiped a package containing an iPhone from the 4400 block of Hanover Street around 6 p.m.

Rachel Snyder

Rachel Snyder, deputy editor at People Newspapers, joined the staff in 2019, returning to her native Dallas-Fort Worth after starting her career at community newspapers in Oklahoma. One of her stories won first place in its category in the Oklahoma Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest in 2018. She’s a fan of puns and community journalism, not necessarily in that order. You can reach her at

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