Texan Finds Love at First Sip

One taste sparked Casey Barber’s passion and a decision to launch Rose Gold Wine in 2018.

Her Provence rosé made in the South of France is now found in numerous places around Texas.

Casey Barber

“I had my very first glass of Provence rosé in the South of France, and it was a beautiful experience,” Barber said. “You’re having this beautiful glass of wine; it’s always a gorgeous setting, pretty French people everywhere enjoying rosé.

“It evokes a unique experience that you can only feel in the South of France, except if you open a bottle of Rose Gold. It brings back those happy, warm feelings.”

The stay at home mom and former family nurse practitioner decided that the warm memories of rosé in France needed to be shared.

“I feel so lucky and blessed and fortunate that people taste it, love it, and want to put it on their wine list,” she said. “I love that they’re getting what I did it for, which is to evoke that feeling of wine in the South of France.”

Although this brand is produced and packaged in the South of France, Barber considers Rose Gold Wine a local brand. Catering to local Texas business and restaurants, you can find this wine at Royal Blue Grocery, Pogo’s Wine & Spirits, Goody Goody Liquor, Dallas Fine Wine, and Tom Thumb.

“You’re having this beautiful glass of wine; it’s always a gorgeous setting, pretty French people everywhere enjoying rosé.”

Casey Barber

The classic dry Provence rosé is made just 60 miles north of Saint Tropez, France.

Despite the common belief that rosé mixes white and red grapes, Barber’s uses two red ones – grenache grapes and cinsault grapes.

The winemakers can produce a gentle pink color, one unique from your traditional red wine. Allowing the grapes’ skin to keep contact with the juice for less than 30 minutes produces the soft salmon pale color that defines the taste and look of the rosé wine.

“It’s a wine that wine drinkers and those that are new to the wine category can all really enjoy and appreciate,” Barber said. “It’s really fun to see how this wine category has become such a neat experience for people, where they have been able to try a new wine that they’ve never had before, and they find themselves going back.”

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