Letter to the Editor: Healthy Debate Needed

Your article on the president’s visit to Preston Hollow highlights a big issue we as a country are living through.

It did not start with President Trump; it started on our college campuses many years ago as they became places not of free speech as they had been created for but as places of indoctrination by liberal professors. We have created generations of people who do not understand civil discussion of different ideas.

It has intensified in the past 10 years, and I attribute a big reason is the mainstream media (print and video) have lost their desire for independent objective reporting (journalism) and have become opinion writers. Objective reporting has almost evaporated. This is not good for our democracy.

We need an educated public to sustain our country in a healthy and free state. We need to have the environment conducive to debate different ideas and policies without withdrawing to our corners and then come out fighting. The media can make a big contribution to creating this type of environment.

– Bill Baldwin, Dallas

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